Hard X Music

Hard X Music: techno releases

Its entrancing rhythmic patterns and its distinctive styles has allowed Techno to thrive for decades. Hard X Music’s Techno catalog is continuing to grow stronger with each release ranging from minimal grooves to thrashing madness.

Cannibal7 ‎– Rudimentary


Release date: 15 Jul 2016;
Cat#: DLH035

Cannibal7 returns all the way from Bueno Aires, Argentina to drop a three track powerhouse of dark industrial madness. Purely dark and simply uncompromising.

Mash Manson – The Boogeyman


Release date: 22 Jan 2016;
Cat#: HKT006

Mash Manson drops 3 tracks of head banging hard techno on EP “The Boogeyman”. Mash Manson seamlessly displays both his schranzy edge on tracks “B.A.N.” and “Sunday” as well as his more experimental side on title track “The Boogeyman”.

Mash Manson – Bad Head

Bad Head

Release date: 31 Jul 2015;
Cat#: HKT005

Hard Kryptic’s own hard techno mastermind Mash Manson comes full force with EP “Bad Head”. The German artist brings three new diverse original tracks that range from high tempo hysteria to slower paced techno grooves. Featuring a haunting collaborative remix…

Neptunium & Simple Light – Extra Sensory Perception

Extra Sensory Perception

Release date: 26 Jun 2015;
Cat#: DLH032

Dark underground talents Neptunium and Simple Light come together on a ferocious split EP. Hailing from Italy Neptunium returns to Dark Like Hell stronger than before by bringing his techno madness over two banging tracks. On the flipside Israel’s Simple…

Various Artists – 3113 Dark Compilation

3113 Dark Comp.

Release date: 22 May 2015;
Cat#: DLH031

Dark Like Hell brings together another untouchable compilation of dark sounds. Featuring six morbidly crafted cuts by artists Struchni, Demanufacturer, Silent Humanity, Cannibal7, Nute, and Silent Humanity.

Silent Humanity – Visions

Silent Humanity

Release date: 27 Mar 2015;
Cat#: DLH030

Barcelona’s Silent Humanity presents his new EP “Visions” with 4 unstoppable tracks. Starting off the EP is “Visions” with a storming acid line locked to a groove dominated by its destructive kick. “Shadows” doesn’t take its name by coincidence bringing…

Razor Edge – Musikewl Decimatio

Razor Edge - Musikewl Decimatio

Release date: 06 Jun 2014;
Cat#: HKT004

Canada’s Razor Edge non-stop releases his unique style of techno and hardcore. Musikewl Decimatio follows up on his two part release Antithesis Distraction and continues to hit hard with his genre bending sound. From slow and dark to ear splitting,…