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X-Rays – Doomsday

X-Rays - Doomsday
Release info
Release date: 16 Nov 2012;
Cat#: HKD040;
Styles: Hardcore / Gabber;
Label: Hard Kryptic Records;
Format: Digital;
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Release description

In the far future mankind has expanded its technology beyond their wildest imagination. But what happens when an alien race destroys all we have created? Young hardcore producers X-Rays narrate the story of destruction, the resistance, and our ultimate sacrifice to save the human species in order for us to start over again. Featuring collaborations and original vocals from How Hard, Mario Morbid, and singer Kayti Grub.


1 - Intro (Countdown To Doomsday) feat. How Hard & Kayti Grub
2 - Doomsday To Resurrection feat. How Hard & Kayti Grub
3 - Dark Worldz feat. Mario Morbid
4 - Expired Time
5 - Wake Up

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