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Various – Drum And Hate

Various - Drum And Hate
Release info
Release date: 08 Oct 2010;
Cat#: HKD014;
Styles: Hardcore / Gabber;
Label: Hard Kryptic Records;
Format: Digital;
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Release description

Hard Kryptic Records continues to stay on the edge of extreme underground electronic music. This genre-bending release titled Drum and Hate pushes boundaries of dark electronic music. With a bloody infusion of brutal gabber kick drums with subwoofer cranking jungle basslines, Drum and Hate is a unconquerable output. Whether it is hardcore influenced drum & bass or vice versa, these four tracks from underground artists Dither, Biomech, Speakerdeamon, and duo How Hard & j roOt explore this combination uniquely that will please any fan of this intense crossover sound!


1 - Dither - Act Of Power
2 - How Hard & j roOt - Listen!
3 - Speakerdeamon - Mystical Brain Error
4 - Biomek - Manchurian Candidate

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