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Razor Edge – Decoded Dialogues

Razor Edge - Decoded Dialogues
Release info
Release date: 26 Nov 2010;
Cat#: HKD015;
Styles: Hardcore / Gabber; Techno;
Label: Hard Kryptic Records;
Format: Digital;
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Release description

Razor Edge brings together an unique style of industrial hardcore and hard techno. With a mash-up of atmospheric landscapes, EBM noises, thrashing techno, and old school influences, Razor Edge is a soldier for the genres he creates. He states, ‘I believe we’re all smart equally and that’s why we need to work as one network worldwide. As for music, it should come in variety of genres without oppressive views so kids in the future won’t feel like they’re constantly running out of time or bombarded with stress and anxiety. I don’t wish that on nobody anywhere around here and I don’t carry any flag on my back. I, myself, am of hardcore origins and the tradition of hardcore music. It runs red in my veins as the hard bass pushes forward.’ Be prepared! Razor Edge is here!


1 - No Result For Peace
2 - Ftf
3 - The Golden Ratio
4 - Unrelieved by Leniency
5 - Breaking Through The Illusion
6 - Igf1

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