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Hard X Music: Releases

Hard X Music’s catalogs constant grow pushing underground electronic music with styles ranging from hard and heavy to uplifting melody. With a growing artist roster spanning throughout the world, Hard X Music continues to tap into the underground and strives to not stick to one sound.

Marina Borodina feat. Vi Ta Lee – Mermaid


Release date: 19 Jun 2015;
Cat#: MVR008

Middle Eastern influenced chilled beats and vocal melodies drive “Mermaid”: the new single by Marina Borodina. Its beautifully crafted arrangement filled with strings and flutes is accentuated by Marina’s unique voice. Featuring both the original mix and an extended version…

J Root – Angle of Eternity

Angle of Eternity

Release date: 12 Jun 2015;
Cat#: HKD068

USA’s J Root returns with his second solo EP titled “Angle of Eternity”. Spiritually minded hardcore techno brings more than just ferocious drums and melodies. Four unique tracks each exploring themes that will open your mind as your head bangs….

Marina Borodina & Vi Ta Lee feat. Hard Howz – What Will We Do

What Will We Do

Release date: 29 May 2015;
Cat#: MVR007

Marina Borodina explodes with new single “What Will We Do” that has her paired with regular collaborators Vi Ta Lee in the studio and Hard Howz aka How Hard on the mic. Thought provoking lyrics are combined with her exquisite…

Various Artists – 3113 Dark Compilation

3113 Dark Comp.

Release date: 22 May 2015;
Cat#: DLH031

Dark Like Hell brings together another untouchable compilation of dark sounds. Featuring six morbidly crafted cuts by artists Struchni, Demanufacturer, Silent Humanity, Cannibal7, Nute, and Silent Humanity.

Silent Humanity – Visions

Silent Humanity

Release date: 27 Mar 2015;
Cat#: DLH030

Barcelona’s Silent Humanity presents his new EP “Visions” with 4 unstoppable tracks. Starting off the EP is “Visions” with a storming acid line locked to a groove dominated by its destructive kick. “Shadows” doesn’t take its name by coincidence bringing…

Various Artists – Core United IV

Core United IV

Release date: 13 Mar 2015;
Cat#: HKD067

Hard Kryptic presents the fourth edition of Core United bringing unique tracks from around the world. Netherlands’ Restrained brings his own flavor of mainstage hardcore techno. Italian newcomer Rado produces a techy hybrid that will surely bring the spotlight to…

Carnage & Cluster / Dark Like Hell – Darwinism


Release date: 27 Feb 2015;
Cat#: DLH029

Darwinism brings two tracks showing the evolution of dark music. First track “Survival of the Fittest” by Carnage & Cluster confirms the NOISJ bosses are not to be reckoned with as soon as this uptempo banger hits. The the flipside…

Scathatch – The Mirror of Mankind

The Mirror of Mankind

Release date: 06 Feb 2015;
Cat#: HKD066

Scathatch’s third release on Hard Kryptic “Mirror of Mankind” continues their hardcore techno assault! Opening track “Opiates” brings crushing kick drums over tweaking synths while second cut “Everybody’s World” supplies a dark atmosphere with a tinge of industrial influence. Closing…

How Hard, J Root, Cap – RMXD2


Release date: 09 Jan 2015;
Cat#: HKD065

RMXD2 remixes more top tracks from Hard Kryptic’s catalog. This edition features four How Hard cuts that include his collaborations with J Root and Cap. Remixers consist of NOISJ’s Luxxer who delivers a strong remix of How Hard & Cap’s…