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Hard X Music: Releases

Hard X Music’s catalogs constant grow pushing underground electronic music with styles ranging from hard and heavy to uplifting melody. With a growing artist roster spanning throughout the world, Hard X Music continues to tap into the underground and strives to not stick to one sound.

Various – Explicore

Various - Explicore

Release date: 15 Aug 2009;
Cat#: HKD005

Explore features a variety of what HKR has continued to prove – quality underground hardcore techno. Featuring tracks and remixes by Braincrushers, How Hard, Neural Damage, E-Rayzor, and Pi-Core. Ranging from melodic to brutalizing industrial, no compromises have been made.

Delta 9 & Forsaken Is Dead – Industrial Devilution

Delta 9 & Forsaken Is Dead - Industrial Devilution

Release date: 31 Jul 2009;
Cat#: HKR005

American hardcore legend Delta 9 joins together with Forsaken Is Dead for a split release that is nothing short of domination. Delta 9 brings “Time to Die” with haunting themes and pounding brutality while Forsaken Is Dead joins up with…

Forsaken Is Dead & Cap ‎- Phoenix Rising

Forsaken Is Dead Cap Phoenix Rising

Release date: 20 Apr 2009;
Cat#: HKD004

Forsaken Is Dead and Cap are two of the most respectable dark hardcore artists coming from US in the last decade. Both hailing from the southwestern state of Arizona, they’ve been quickly gaining notoriety both together and individually as original…

The Illuminati – Near Death Experiences

The Illuminati - Near Death Experiences

Release date: 27 Feb 2009;
Cat#: HKD003

The Illuminati’s first release on Hard Kryptic secured a long standing partnership which has evolved into numerous releases over the years. Dark and haunting themes accompanied by two potent remixes by The Relic and Cap.

Triax – Stronger Than Ever

Triax - Stronger Than Ever

Release date: 13 Feb 2009;
Cat#: HKR004

Triax is one of the top hardcore artists today. With a career spanning top labels Underground House Movement, Megarave, Rotterdamn Records, and his current home Enzyme Records, his career continues to grow. His 12″ release with Hard Kryptic brought a…

DJ Delirium & Delusional / Broken Rules – Kick Start The Addiction

DJ Delirium & Delusional, Broken Rules - Kick Start The Addiction

Release date: 25 Sep 2008;
Cat#: HKR003

Kick Start The Addiction – Hard Kryptic Records’ newest release “Kick Start The Addiction” is OUT NOW and is already being heard on dance floors and compilations worldwide! “Kick Start The Addiction” is the first time collaborative split release between…

DJ Delirium – Blazin’ Out Your Speaker

DJ Delirium - Blazin' Out Your Speaker

Release date: 26 Jun 2007;
Cat#: HKR002

DJ Delirium returns once again with a deadly assault on his new Hard Kryptic release ‘Blazin’ Out Your Speaker’. A track so hot, remixers were ASKING to get their hands on it! The conclusion features an unstoppable original work on…

How Hard & Jimmy X ‎- The Pit

How Hard and Jimmy X The Pit

Release date: 09 Sep 2006;
Cat#: HKR001

How Hard & Jimmy X ‎- The Pit: this is the first release of Hard X Music – the story begins!