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Cap & How Hard – American Rebels

Cap & How Hard - American Rebels
Release info
Release date: 15 Jan 2010;
Cat#: HKD008;
Styles: Hardcore / Gabber;
Label: Hard Kryptic Records;
Format: Digital;
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Release description

While European countries like The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, and Germany dominate the hardcore techno scene, the USA still holds its head high with their own hardcore underground scene and artists. On this explosive HKR release, perfectly titled ‘American Rebels’, the West Coast meets the East Coast and join together to show that America represents a brotherhood in hard music. Arizona’s CAP joins up with NYC’s How Hard to create a destructive duo. Two original tracks of dark, industrial influenced hardcore ready to blow up the underground dancefloors. Title track ‘American Rebels’ spews guitar noises, smashing drums, and clanky percussion on top of a driving distorted groove. American hardcore superstar DJ Inyoung brings a mainstream remix of ‘American Rebels’ that crosses genre lines. Flipside track ‘Pain’ takes a twisted and mutilated vocal and combines it with a bouncing industrial kick. A rocking track that is already creating a huge buzz! Rounding out the album is yet another USA based producer Forsaken Is Dead under his D|M|W moniker. Here he creates a drum & bass meets industrial hardcore remix of popular CAP track ‘Pulmonary Embolism’. This release seals the deal to show the USA’s dedication the ‘core!


1 - Cap & How Hard - American Rebels (Original Mix)
2 - Cap & How Hard - American Rebels (DJ Inyoung Remix)
3 - Cap & How Hard - Pain
4 - Cap - Pulmonary Embolism (D|M|W Remix)

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