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Hard X Music’s strives to expand its sounds and include different styles of underground electronic music.

Vi Ta Lee – Deluge


Release date: 23 Oct 2015;
Cat#: MVR009

Vi Ta Lee drops genre-crossing single “Deluge” as he blends eastern-influenced melodies over hard trap beats. Not to be missed!

Marina Borodina feat. Vi Ta Lee – Mermaid


Release date: 19 Jun 2015;
Cat#: MVR008

Middle Eastern influenced chilled beats and vocal melodies drive “Mermaid”: the new single by Marina Borodina. Its beautifully crafted arrangement filled with strings and flutes is accentuated by Marina’s unique voice. Featuring both the original mix and an extended version…

Marina Borodina & Vi Ta Lee feat. Hard Howz – What Will We Do

What Will We Do

Release date: 29 May 2015;
Cat#: MVR007

Marina Borodina explodes with new single “What Will We Do” that has her paired with regular collaborators Vi Ta Lee in the studio and Hard Howz aka How Hard on the mic. Thought provoking lyrics are combined with her exquisite…

Marina Borodina Feat. Angry Tolerance & How Hard – Redubbed

Marina Borodina Feat. Angry Tolerance & How Hard - Redubbed

Release date: 18 Oct 2013;
Cat#: HKD053

Marina Borodina is responsible for countless songs in genres ranging from headbanging hardcore techno to beautiful pop singalongs. She returns on two of her top hardcore techno classics from the Hard Kryptic catalog “The Signal” and “Illusion of Rescue” and…

Vitali Ivanzov – 5 O’Clock

Vitali Ivanzov - 5 O'Clock

Release date: 02 Nov 2012;
Cat#: HKF001

Vitali Ivanzov is 50% of The Illuminati, Angry Tolerance, Apex Mind, and more. He continuously expands his artistry and blurs genre lines. His single “5 O’Clock” blends styles in a dark and downtempo tour de force. Originally an exclusive download…