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Dark Like Hell artists

Dark Like Hell logoBased is Israel Dark Like Hell is known for its experimental styles of underground hardcore and techno. Founded by the Ivanzov brothers in 2008 as an outlet for their industrial hardstyle compositions it has since moved forward to incorporate a multitude of dark electronic styles.

Angry Tolerance / The Illuminati

The Illuminati

Country: Israel;
Labels: Dark Like Hell; Hard Kryptic Records;

Kostia and Vitali aka The Illuminati / Angry Tolerance reside in Israel and began their music career in 2002. While working very hard to constantly gain knowledge in the studio, Kostia was playing at many hard style parties throughout the…


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Country: Germany;
Labels: Dark Like Hell;

Bazer is a Hardcore and Techno producer from Dortmund, Germany. who is know for both his solo work and in group Depravity Project.



Country: Argentina;
Labels: Dark Like Hell;

Cannibal7 hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina. His brand of dark and industrial hardcore shows that South America breeds some of the hardest talents in the world.

Carnage & Cluster

Carnage and Cluster

Country: The Netherlands;
Labels: Dark Like Hell; Hard Kryptic Records;

Carnage & Cluster bring nothing but brutalizing dark and industrial hardcore. Bringing influences from across the board their techy and grungy style dubbed Noisj is easily recognizable. Additionally, their success as label owners of the Noisj label group shows their…

Forsaken Is Dead

Forsaken Is Dead

Country: USA;
Labels: Dark Like Hell; Hard Kryptic Records;

Hailing from Tucson, Arizona Forsaken is Dead is one of America’s new generation league of producers who is continuing to keep the USA on the map for original and experimental hardcore techno. Having started producing in 2000, Forsaken is Dead…



Country: Germany, Ireland;
Labels: Dark Like Hell;

Industrial hardcore & terror music producers hail from both Ireland and Germany. Their combined and individual works have been found on the top underground hardcore labels throughout the world.

Marina Barodina / Mary B

Marina Borodina - Mary B

Country: Germany;
Labels: Dark Like Hell; Hard Kryptic Records; Mabovit Records;

Versatility is Marina’s biggest strengths. Having a career which has spanned from pop music to opera to jazz to underground electronic music and sung in multiple languages Marina broadens herself with every new project. Her talents have ranged beyond her…



Country: ;
Labels: Dark Like Hell;

Italy-based producer Neptunium delivers his own style of dark techno crossed with Sci-Fi atmospheres. His brand is further pushed with his Noise-Experimental alter ego Np93.



Country: France;
Labels: Dark Like Hell; Hard Kryptic Records;

Cedre aka Travon discovered Techno music back in 1994 and in 1996 he began to DJ with his interest in extreme music leading him to the Hardcore Techno scene. Soon he decided to make live music with his friend Niko…

Silent Humanity / Darkinox


Country: Spain;
Labels: Artists; Dark Like Hell; Hard Kryptic Records;

Silent Humanity is a producer & DJ from Barcelona whose name represents dark and experimental tracks that separates him from his contemporaries. Not one to stick to one sound, his alias Darkinox sees the production of his faster tempo tracks.